Horncastle Bookshop

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A Guide to the Bookshops and their Owners

Horncastle Bookshop
Horncastle Bookshop

The photograph above is merely an example of what awaits any enthusiast or collector visiting this historic Lincolnshire market town.
The town is now renowned for its secondhand and antiquarian outlets.

There are now three independent bookstores to be found in the town. All carrying a wide and diverse stock.
Not only that, but there are also a large number of antique shops and outlets which also stock books.

One of the most established is Tim Smith, who reopened his Horncastle bookshop, such was the interest.
Previously in North Street, near Old Nick's public house, he is now in bigger premises in East Street.
Just past the traffic lights and next to the turf accountants.
Tim also has a private car parking space available for customers, in the Ship Inn car park.
He must be one of the few bookshops today that is not on the internet!
The owner is, justifiably proud of this, not only does he not sell on the internet but does not even have access to a computer.
He believes in selling the old fashioned way, it makes this Horncastle bookshop a fertile hunting ground

The newest Horncastle bookshop was opened by Richard and Sarah Ingram-Hill and is called Good for Books.
We are proud to say we were one of the first visitors, indeed before it was even officially open!
It is hard to imagine a cleaner, brighter and better laid out premises, running to three separate rooms.
There are some outstanding bargains, including three books for only 1 - a readers paradise.

All of the outlets buy as well as sell, so if you are looking to sell then this certainly is the place to go

We visit the town every week, indeed we thought long and hard about opening a fourth Horncastle bookshop ourselves.
In the finish the daily commute was the spoiler, but the idea still remains in our heads.
If you visit on a Tuesday keep your eyes open for me - but do not scoop up any of the great buys before I get chance!

You will be assured of a warm welcome throughout the town and there is a great deal more to do than just look at books and antiques.

The town is steeped in history and has several famous old residents, including Joseph Banks and William Marwood.
There are plenty of tea rooms, restaurants, takeaways, public houses and shops.

So if you do find yourself in and around Lincolnshire, do take the time to visit.
We guarantee you will not regret it and will, hopefully, follow my path and become a regular return visitor

Rod Collins