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Eva Green as Vesper Lynd
25.05.06 Eva Green as Vesper Lynd. The first official on set still

Bond's New Aston Martin
04.05.06 James Bond's new car. The first official picture of the stunning Aston Martin DBS

Teaser Poster
28.04.06 Thanks to Rod Collins for the first official picture of the Casino Royale Teaser Poster

Jodie Kidd
20.04.06 Jodie Kidd is pitching herself for a small role in the film

10.04.06 Daniel Craig pictured here with Eva Green and Caterina Murino
16.03.06 First official pictures of DC and the girls, one above.
17.02.06 Eva Green
Has been cast as Vesper Lynd, picture below.
16.02.06 Mads Mikkelsen
Officially confirmed as Le Chiffre.
17.01.06 Aston Martin
The new DBS has been confirmed officially as the new car.
22.12.05 Jessica Simpson
The latest name to be suggested for a role, pinch and salt are the two words that spring most readily to mind.
20.12.05 Wot No Girls!
Charlize Theron has, reportedly, turned down the starring role. Onward and ever upward, there's plenty more where she came from!
10.12.05 Brosnan gives the new man his backing and hopes for a grittier film
Brosnan says, "It's there on the page. The martinis, the drugs, the cigarettes, the casino, the blood on the hands. But they never went there. "Hopefully they will go there with Daniel. They have the product, they have the man, and I'm sure they will."
09.12.05 No Smoking!
It seems there will be no cigarettes smoked by Craig on screen. Fear of pressure from the anti-smoking lobby blah blah. A major disappointment in the hopes for a realistic portrayal.
08.12.05 Omega watches have confirmed they will return for the film, though with a slightly different role, more info further down.
05.12.05 Charlize Theron is reported to have been offered a lucrative contract to star in the new movie
04.12.05 Sean Connery backs Daniel Craig as a 'terrific choice'
but complains that the film is not being shot in Scotland due to the lack of financial aid from the government. Connery is a tax exile based in the Bahamas!
04.12.05 Gulshan Grover is said to be confirmed as the lead villian Le Chiffre
02.12.05 Judi Dench will, once again, play the part of M
29.11.05 Rumours abound about the new Bond Girl but no confirmation as yet. Jessica Alba seems keen
25.11.05 Release date for film is November 2006
23.11.05 Pinewood loses out! Only one weeks filming at the famous studio


Daniel Craig with Caterina Murino


The Bond Girl Race
We shall be keeping you up to date with all the runners in the field
Some more likely than others but all are being touted
In some cases more likely touted by their agents than the producers
Needless to say, this will be illustrated by gratuitous shots of girls in bikinis !
Runners and riders listed in preferential order
Update: There are no so many names being suggested that
if we listed them all the page would look like a copy of FHM
We shall of course bring news of any confirmations

Eva Green
Part: Vesper Lynd

Looks good to us

Charlize Theron
Odds: Withdrawn !
Part: leading role

Obvious star quality, has been offered the part, apparantly.
She may reject due to 'Bond Girl' label or not enough money

Angelina Jolie
Odds: Scratched
Part: Vesper Lynd

Of all the names so far on the card, several furlongs ahead
May be too big a star to take the role

Jessica Simpson
Odds: 10/1 outsider
Part: lead

Seems very unlikely to us
She's easy on the eye but how easy would she be in the role?

Kelly Brook
Odds: 6/1
Part: Supporting role

Threw her own name into the ring and is keen
She appears to have the 'equipment' but with less in the way of 'gadgets' may not fit into the new format.
That said she scrubs up well and we could see her in a smaller part

Jessica Alba
Odds: 10/1 outsider
Part: Background girl

Keen as mustard for the part, on record and official
Could get minor support role as runners up prize

Kimberley Davies
Odds: 1000/1 pace setter
Part: ?

Who knows where this one came from, ex Neighbours soap star
Fills a bikini but we don't see her filling a role

Here at Goldeneye, we keenly await the release of the latest film.
Our hopes of a Tarantino/Brosnan collaboration have been dashed but we remain hopeful
We just hope the producers have the courage to avoid a flash bang gadget ridden bonanza

James Bond is deserving of a truly serious movie - now is the time to deliver!

We intend to keep updating this page with the latest 007 movie and production news

Omega Watches

The company has announced that is to continue with the franchise and that their contract with Pierce Brosnan runs out this year. One small, but very encouraging, line in the statement was Omega will star in a different way from its earlier roles in the Bond movies
This bodes well for a serious film, no propelling harnesses and laser beams perhaps

Casino Royal poster

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